Surrounded by Evil and the Open Orthodox anti-Orthodox Movement

The following is an audio recording of the derosho about Israel surrounded and how in our times, before the coming of Moshiach, great evil abounds. A discussion about the Open Orthodox whose greatest scholar does not believe that the Torah is true and where a major founder of the organization publicly kisses ladies not his wife and dances with them. Yet they call themselves Orthodox and insist on controlling conversions, and this is so that their members who are married to gentiles can easily convert their spouses, although in Jewish law a conversion that is not sincere is not valid.

In the coming generation we will have two communities, some seeing the converts and their children as non-Jews and some as Jews. And this is similar to our previous discussions that those who make coerced Gittin are producing mamzerim, according to the great rabbis of Israel, and in the comin generation, there will be two camps, those of the mamzerim and those who refuse to marry them. This is the ultimate child abuse. Open Orthodox has openly declared that a GET divorce is not necessary, so the children of their divorcees without a GET will be mamzerim.