2016 Drafting Orthodox Jewish Women

American Orthodox Jewish Women Will be Eligible for Military Draft in 2016

By Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn

Is it true? Can it be that American Orthodox Jewish Women will be eligible for the draft in 2016? Is it believable that women must then register for the draft even when there is no draft, and that there are punishments of jail and fines for those who do not register? It is what everybody expects and most likely will happen. I was told about it by someone and checked it out, and it is true.

That women, even religious women, can be drafted and sent to the ends of the earth together with men is not of interest. Nobody talks about it. Even religious people don’t know about it.

It seems that drafting women is an ideal, equality, that trumps religious and moral values whereby “the honor of a woman in to be in the house.” At this point, Orthodox Jews are opposed to the major moral issue in America, the rights of women.

The story basically is this: Many women serve in the American armed forces. Originally, there were few women in the armed services and they served in non-combat positions. But in recent years, there are many women in the armed forces, and they are often in combat. Thus, women can serve in combat. And if so, why are women not drafted?

Until very recently, everyone knew that the place of a woman was in the home. Women married and had children and took care of them, while the male worked and supported the family, and when necessary, fought in the army. But today marriage is greatly declining, and there is so much divorce and family fights that many men and women want a life without marriage .  Once woman don’t have a husband to support them, they have to earn a living. Today in America the very wealthy go to China to produce their goods, so the jobs go to the Chinese. Then the very wealthy bring back these goods made in China and sell them in America. The profits go to the very wealthy and the jobs go to the Chinese. It is increasingly difficult for Americans to find a job, and when they do find one, the style is to send the job off to China as soon as possible so the very wealthy can be wealthier. Thus, many people see a life in the army as a wonderful thing. There are enormous benefits, the fear of losing a job is not there, and you meet a lot of people and make many friends. For a single woman, being in a male army is fine if she is not religious and moral, and most are not. Thus, for women, the army is very important.

The Obama administration, the senior generals and the Congress have all acquiesced to the goal of equality of women in the entire armed forces unless there is a clear need for an exception. Now that women can perform all combat roles they are just like men. So why can’t they be drafted? The Supreme Court in 1981 in Rotsker vs Goldberg said that women are not used in combat and therefore it is not unconstitutional to exclude women from registering for the draft. But now that women are definitely eligible for combat, there is no reason to exclude women from registering for the draft. Only in 2016, after the changes in combat eligibility have been used a few years, and found to be effective, will it become possible for somebody to challenge the exclusion of women from registering for the draft and being drafted. It is known that people are ready to sue and that the Supreme Court will almost definitely agree that women must register for the draft.

If anyone wants to discuss this matter with me, I can be reached at 845-578-1917.

Dovid Eidensohn