Drafting Women in America – Will There Be War?

Rabbi Dovid E. Eidensohn                 Monsey, NY, 10952             845-578-1917                10/6/14


Will There Be a Draft in America for Men and Women?


A recent article I wrote presented the stark fact that in 2016 court cases will begin about drafting and registering women for the draft.  The consensus is that the courts will rule that women are eligible for the draft because the military has recently officially banned any discrimination against women going into combat at all levels, bar some extraordinary circumstance. The article noted that nobody seems concerned about this, but I am very concerned. When the article appeared some people told me that they had no fear that there would be a draft anytime soon and therefore to worry about this now is pointless. I want to present my opinion.

Basically, I believe that the world is ripe for war. Even today America is bombing and killing people in Iraq and Syria, and has military challenges in other countries. Right now the president has stated that no ground troops will be sent in, but some have been sent in, and the senior generals are demanding foot soldiers to defeat the fanatics who are beheading Americans. As the fanatics grow stronger and challenge more and more territory, and conquer more oil fields, the pressure to send in troops will grow. And now that America has waited a while to respond to the fanatics, they have conquered armies and taken much American equipment and weapons. The longer we delay in defeating them on the ground, the harder it will be to defeat them at all.

Also, we have to fear Russia and China. There was a time when both of these countries feared America, but no longer. Russian and Chinese planes buzz American planes and fly close to America, to antagonize us.  Although in earlier years the Russians and the Chinese were openly hostile to each other, and America capitalized on that, now times have changed. The Russians and Chinese are close friends, have joint military exercises, and both see America as the only country that can keep them from expanding. And they do plan to expand. Russia is expanding in Ukraine, and China has seized Tibet and has Hong Cong, and it expanding elsewhere. It openly threatens Japanese territory. America has pledged to defend these territories. Who knows what the future will bring?

The Cold War lasted many years without a war between Russia and America, because both sides feared nuclear weapons. But today the fight will not be directly against America. Russia and China will expand next to their own territory, and America will not be able to supply the huge armies needed to stop them.  And if America does supply a huge army to stop Russia, there is always China waiting for an opportunity to expand, and America cannot fight both of them and win. Especially now that America is using the army as an opportunity to promote female equality, it only remains a question of time before it is revealed that women are not good at playing football but men are, and the same holds true for military matters. Not long ago the government announced with great fanfare that a woman pilot would take off from an aircraft career in the middle of the ocean. The female pilot took off and went straight to the bottom of the ocean. There was no more talk about women flying jets on aircraft careers. Also, when Israel was first founded women were part of the army until one was captured and her remains shocked the army into removing women from the battles. It is just a question of time before this happens again. An American reported was in a recent war zone and said that he saw a soldier who was a midget. He came closer and saw that it was a woman soldier. Midgets are not the best fighters, when they are fighting ferocious men.

Another issue is halacha. There is one opinion that says that not only is the draft and joining the army a sin, but even registering for the army is a sin. Now the need to register has nothing to do with a real war. Everyone eligible for the draft must register or suffer fines and jail.  There are times when nobody cares about this and there are times when the government cracks down. If it does, what will happen? If a young woman has a choice between jail and a huge fine or going into the army, what will she do? Do we anticipate some ladies committing suicide? It is not a nice subject but it is a problem. A prominent Torah personality in the past generation who was heavily involved in the halacha questions of the draft of women in Israel in 1948 told me that the rabbonim said that a woman must die rather than join the army. Does that mean also that women must not go to jail? Is it permitted to go to jail with all kinds of guards and prisoners? Is this not a problem? So why is nobody concerned?

And if you consider moving to Israel, there is a huge problem over there of drafting Yeshiva students and then influencing them to mix with people who are problems. The issue is exploding now and nobody knows where things will turn. But for sure, the fear for women is much greater than the fear for men. Complacency has no place now. That is my point. Now, what can be done about all of this I don’t know, and I don’t know if anybody knows. But we Jews always have terrible problems. If we work together and hope for HaShem’s help, we will be helped. But we have to be aware of the problems.



Dovid Eidensohn